reblogging again because it’s absolutely incredible

important as fuck

can i put this on my refrigerator

I’m tapping this inside my locker and my room and looking at it everyday, this needs to be seen.

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got my brother to make me a sandwich #feminismwin

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so Prague was amazing and I am happier than I have been in quite a while :D

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season 2 promo pics

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 Joana Rosa Bragança

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30 Days of Doctor Who

Day 25: What’s your favorite Doctor Who art?

It’s not just art but I chose an artist. I am in love with alicexzThe first art I’ve seen from her is the Eleventh Doctor (second last) and just continued from there! She does other things besides Doctor Who like Sherlock, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and even more! 

What’s your favorite Doctor Who art? Make sure to give the artist credit if it’s not yours!

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